Be wary of diet supplement pyramid schemes

A diet supplement pyramid scheme is a marketing strategy that involves an unestablished marketer offering a new dietary supplement. Usually it “guarantees” weight loss. In this scheme, each individual also markets the product to others in exchange for selling it.

Essentially, this plan is based on encouraging users to use the product and then promoting it. This will usually be to friends, family members and co-workers. The lure is by promising them the same benefits if they use and then promote the product to others.

Dietary supplements are not regulated as products, with the exception of drugs and medical devices. As a result, they do not require clearance from the Food and Drug Administration. Any individual can therefore market any product they choose without providing scientific evidence of its effectiveness.

Diet supplements from pyramid schemes are especially worse as the manufactures of these products are set on monetary benefits rather than advancing the health of an individual.

Problems with dietary supplement pyramid schemes

1. Weight loss scam

Weight loss supplements from pyramid schemes will usually use false information to appeal to potential consumers. This may include information that is not validated by scientific evidence, such as the inclusion of modified DNA in their products, which is not relevant to weight loss.

The use of hidden ingredients in these supplements may also be concerning. Manufacturers will also often overlook the potential side effects of dietary supplements. Some even have potentially fatal effects when consumed in larger volumes – something common among pyramid-scheme weight loss pills.

2. Overuse can harm your liver

An overuse of dietary supplements can cause your liver to fail, and lead to an overdose of some chemicals.

The liver is responsible for filtering out harmful substances in the body, so if an individual takes too many supplements at once it will be unable to cleanse harmful substances. This builds up in the body and increases the risk of liver failure or toxic amounts of unwanted chemicals being present in blood circulation.

3. Costly

The cost of dietary supplements is considerably more expensive than a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. A person can lose weight without the use of pills or potions if they simply set up a diet plan and engage in a proper exercise program.

With proper food intake and workout routine, a person does not need to spend money on dietary supplements to see results.

4. Bad news for your heart

The negative effects of dietary supplements do not stop at the liver, muscles and kidneys. In some cases, dietary supplements can lead to an increase in blood pressure. Undue stress is placed on the heart and lungs.

High blood pressure increases risk for a stroke or heart attack. When the arteries narrow they restrict flow of oxygenated blood throughout the body.

5. A nutrition scam

Many dietary supplements offer the false hope of a healthier body and lifestyle. In fact they are just scams to make money. The truth is that people who take a healthy diet, exercise and get enough sleep on a regular basis will see results without resorting to dietary supplements.

6. Unnatural

Dietary supplements claim to be made from natural ingredients. However, some ingredients can not only harm you, but also contain unnatural or even deadly chemicals. Unnatural components are present in almost every dietary supplement and could potentially put your life at risk.


A healthy diet is the best way to keep your body weight down and maintain a healthy heart, mind and body. Dietary supplements will not lead to quick weight loss or a healthier lifestyle. It is important to use your intuition rather than pay attention to marketing tactics. Dietary supplement pyramid scheme companies will say anything to drive revenue.

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