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Sore Muscles – What You Shouldn’t Do

Sore Muscles – What You Shouldn’t Do

So, you hit the gym a little hard and now you are feeling the pain that comes with aching muscles.

The aching you feel is believed to be down to micro-trauma within the muscle fibres and so, the muscles become inflamed, delivering pain for several days.

While it might be difficult to move around while you are aching, what are the worst things you can do when you are suffering from sore muscles?

Stopping activity

You will need to keep on the move and that means moving the joints above and below the aching muscle.

Even though the muscle is sore, the joints still need to move, despite the pain you experience.

However, a small amount of movement is actually good for easing the sensation of muscle soreness, which is put down to a boost in blood circulation and the release of endorphins.

So remember to keep exercise light and do not over-do it.

Constantly changing exercises

When the soreness kicks in, you might feel as though you need to change your exercise, but, in fact, you should give your body time to adapt to your exercise routine.

When the body does adapt to your routine, the muscles will become used to the activity and so, that level of soreness will reduce.

By choosing to change your exercises, it will means that they will not become used to a specific activity and with that will come more soreness after every gym session.

So, listen to what your body is telling you.

If you are always sore and making changes then consider reducing the changes to give your body a chance to adjust to your routine.

You are cheating on form

If you take a look around the gym, you will notice many people cheating on their form, such as someone using their whole upper body to curl a dumbbell.

This is poor form and despite the weight he is lifting looking rather impressive, he will, in fact, be using a technique that will cause sore muscles real problems.

When you have sore muscles, you need to take care with your exercise because you could end up causing injury to other parts of your body.

If you are sore, simply reduce the amount of weight you are lifting or decrease the resistance because that will allow you to go through the range of motion correctly.

When suffering from sore muscles, remember that you will not be able to go through a normal session because you need to give your body a rest.

You do eccentric exercises

There are some exercises that can trigger muscle soreness such as bicep curls and the way in which you slowly lower the weight.

When lowering the weight, your muscle will be contracting when lengthening.

So, eccentric training involved lengthening the muscles when they are under a load.

It has been found that eccentric exercises can cause muscle soreness to become a lot worse.

If you exercise is full of eccentric exercises then you will find that your muscle soreness will become worse.

Stephen Coleclough
Stephen Coleclough

Stephen Coleclough is a personal trainer and online fitness/nutrition coach from the UK. He loves heavy squats, smashing PRs and bacon sandwiches. You can follow him on Twitter at ColecloughPT.

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