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Low-Budget Ways To Exercise

Low-Budget Ways To Exercise

Sometimes, the need to exercise is counterbalanced by the lack of funding which is available for things like joining a gym or a professional exercise class.

However, there are plenty of ways in which someone can exercise without the need to spend lots of money, and we’ve compiled a few suggestions here to help you with this.

Go for a run

Perhaps one of the most obvious and simplistic ideas, going for a run nonetheless remains a firm idea for the aspiring athlete.

Why would anyone pay to run for miles on a treadmill in a gym when you can go for a run in the great outdoors surrounded by nature or in a beautiful park?

All you’d need is a pair of trainers, some running clothes and a bit of determination, but it’s well worth it.

Plus, no one can charge you for going running outside, so it’s a good way to save a bit of cash.

Make your weights at home

With a bit of unorthodox thinking, anyone can quickly make their variants of gym equipment which can easily do the job just as well as the real thing.

Looking in your cupboards for things like soup cans and tinned foods is a good way to do things, you can easily get some which are as heavy as real weights, or just putting them all into a bag and then lifting the bag with one hand works just as well, and can help you to get some muscles onto your arms without the need to spend a lot of money on gym memberships.

Press ups can be done anywhere

One of the joys of doing press ups is that there is no special equipment required, just a bit of space and adequate time to warm up.

You can do press ups from the floor of your house, on a grassy bank in a park, or even in your office during your lunch break because you need nothing but a flat surface and your bare hands.

Knowing that, there’s absolutely no logic in paying to go to a gym and do them surrounded by other people, is there?

These are just a few of the ideas we’ve thought of that will enable you to exercise on a budget, using either the great outdoors or simple items that you can find in most households.

Exercise is for everyone, and it always has been, but it is easy to get caught up in the notion that you need to go to a gym to look good and feel good about yourself.

There’s plenty of places in your local area where you can run, even just around the block would suffice, and if the weather is atrocious, then you can get fit by just running up and down the stairs for 10 minutes.

If you think a little outside of the box and focus on what you want, then you can very easily exercise to the level of fitness you desire without needing to pay significant amounts of money on a gym membership.

Stephen Coleclough
Stephen Coleclough

Stephen Coleclough is a personal trainer and online fitness/nutrition coach from the UK. He loves heavy squats, smashing PRs and bacon sandwiches. You can follow him on Twitter at ColecloughPT.

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