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Healthy Eating Myths

Healthy Eating Myths

There are a lot of myths surrounding healthy eating these days.

People often question a lot of different things about healthy eating, and wonder whether any of it can be true or not.

There’s a lot of falsehoods and rumours which have circulated around the years, and they need debunking.

So we’re here to tackle some of the most common misconceptions about healthy eating, so that you have a better knowledge of what you’re actually doing.

Frozen vegetables aren’t good for you

A very incorrect assessment is that frozen veg is somehow not as good for you as the normal variety.

This is however simply not true.

What most people do not know is that within just a few hours of being picked, the vegetables are flash-frozen.

This means that all of the nutrients are kept intact, and that they’re just as good for you as the normal veg that you pick up in the shops.

Calorie counting leads to results

What a lot of people don’t know is that calorie counting just isn’t going to help.

What you’ll find is that it’s not about how many calories you eat, but instead where you’re getting them from.

People who eat junk foods, no matter in how small a quantity, are still eating bad food.

It’s less about counting how many calories you eat, and more about making sure you’ve got the right ones.

Fat is fat is fat

One of the most common misconceptions is that fat is just that.

It’s bad for you, you shouldn’t eat it, and that you need to work really hard to keep it out of the diet.

That’s just not true.

There are different types of fat.

There’s good fats, which come from things like butter and avocados, and then there’s bad fats like the ones you might get from donuts and cake.

Learn your fats, and you’ll be able to enjoy the right foods.

Diets are a good idea

Unless you’re going to eat boiled cabbage from now until the day you die, fad diets are a waste of time.

Yes, you’ll burn weight in the short term.

But it’s not a long term health plan.

What you’ll find is that there’s no real way to lose weight quickly and safely.

Weight loss is the result of healthy eating and exercise, and isn’t down to a fad.

Overall, these are just a few of the different myths which people have collected over the years about healthy eating.

Some of them do sound real, it has to be said.

But they’re not.

A lot of them barely have any ground to them at all, and you should be wise to learn truth from fiction.

Healthy eating is something that you have to work at.

And it’s not always fun.

But you know what it is?

Something that will yield real results.

A longer lifespan and twilight years that are free from health problems sounds like some pretty good results to us, but don’t take our words for it.

Go find out for yourself.

Stephen Coleclough
Stephen Coleclough

Stephen Coleclough is a personal trainer and online fitness/nutrition coach from the UK. He loves heavy squats, smashing PRs and bacon sandwiches. You can follow him on Twitter at ColecloughPT.

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