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Finding The Time to Exercise

Finding The Time to Exercise

In a perfect world, we would all eat a heathy and nutritious diet, exercise regularly, have successful careers, and still have time to spend with our loved ones.

Unfortunately, life always seems to move at a frantic pace and fitting everything in can be difficult!

When there is limited time available, most people sacrifice their fitness program first.

After skipping a few workout sessions it can be very difficult to get back into the flow of things.

This article will look at ways you can incorporate exercise into your daily life with minimal interruption to everything else you have going on.

Using these techniques will quickly improve your fitness, giving yourself much more energy throughout the day.

Let’s check them out.

#1 — Make your commute to work a workout

Look for ways to incorporate physical activity into your commute to and from work.

If you live within 20 kilometres of your workplace, consider riding a bike to work a few times each week.

You will be surprised by how much more energy this small amount of aerobic exercise can provide each day.

Other ways to incorporate exercise into your commute include:

  • Park your car 5 blocks from your office and walk the last stretch.
  • Use the stairs instead of taking elevators.
  • Jog home from work if the weather is sunny.

#2 — Squeeze some exercise into your lunch break

Instead of spending your lunch break sitting down and watching a computer screen, take a walk somewhere and get some exercise.

The simple act of walking to a local park for lunch is all it takes to burn some extra calories off.

#3 — Make extra time by getting up earlier

Many people make the mistake of staying up late at night — watching television or browsing the Internet.

If you can get to bed 30 minutes earlier, you can get up 30 minutes earlier.

That is enough time for a short aerobic exercise or weight session.

You can even wear your workout clothes to bed so you can jump up and start exercising immediately.

#4 — Sit on a stability ball or stand

Researchers have discovered that sitting for long periods can be bad for your health.

If you have a job where you spend a lot of time sitting, consider using a standing desk.

You will consume more calories, be healthier, and be using more muscles while working.

You can also use a stability ball instead of a chair.

Because stability balls move, you will have find yourself using abdominal muscles to stay still.

#5 — Perform exercises at work

It is surprisingly easy to incorporate some exercises into your work day.

Stand up every now and perform a few stretches, flex your muscles while sitting, and perform a few pushups every now and then.

You can even bring some exercise equipment to work, lifting dumbbells while talking to someone on a phone or dictating a message.

#6 — Get your work done while walking or riding a bike

Consider installing a treadmill or exercise bike at your home.

Set it up with a table in front of the machine to support a tablet or laptop.

Continue working or browsing the Internet while you walk, run, or ride the bike.

#7 — Make your exercises a family activity

By combining exercise and family-time, you will kill two birds with one stone!

Go on a long walk or jog with your partner each day.

Buy a bike with a cart so you can pop the kids into it and ride into town.

Play sports with your children instead of going to the movies.

There are countless opportunities to exercise with the family.

#8 — Don’t be a couch potato

We are definitely living in the golden age of television.

There are dozens of incredible television series to watch and it is easy to spend hours glued to the screen.

Try exercising while watching your favourite television shows.

Leave a dumbbell next to the couch and lift weights while watching Game of Thrones.

Before you know it, your biceps will be as big as Khal Drogo’s!

#9 — Make exercising a social event

Join a sports team with some of your friends.

You will get to socialise and have a few laughs while improving your fitness!

Thanks for reading Finding The Time to Exercise.

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Stephen Coleclough
Stephen Coleclough

Stephen Coleclough is a personal trainer and online fitness/nutrition coach from the UK. He loves heavy squats, smashing PRs and bacon sandwiches. You can follow him on Twitter at ColecloughPT.

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