The 7 Best Ways to Make Exercise A Miserable Experience
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The 7 Best Ways to Make Exercise A Miserable Experience

The 7 Best Ways to Make Exercise A Miserable Experience

Many people find exercise to be a painful chore that is best avoided.

They find going to the gym harder than going to the dentist!

But why are they so opposed to working out and getting fit?

It’s because they have mastered the best techniques to make exercise a miserable experience.

Here are some of the common mistakes that they have been making!

#1 – They don’t stick to their workout program for very long

People who hate exercise often fail to stick to an exercise regime for longer than a couple of weeks.

They never reach the point where their body has become used to working out regularly and their fitness levels have begun to dramatically improve.

There are many reasons why they find it difficult to stick to an exercise program.

The most common reason is that they go from sitting on the couch to performing intense exercise sessions very quickly.

Their body is shocked by this sudden physical exertion.

They wake up feeling sore and sorry for themselves after a few workouts, so they cancel their gym membership or take an extended break.

#2 – They only exercise to improve their appearance

Many of the people who hate exercise will only workout so they can look more attractive to others.

They don’t consider the other benefits associated with exercising, including more strength, better cardiovascular fitness, and a better quality of life.

If they appreciated the other advantages of exercising regularly, they would see a massive boost in their motivation levels!

#3 – They take advice from horrible sources

People who don’t enjoy working out often obtain health and fitness advice from terrible sources.

Instead of getting some help from a personal trainer, they will attempt to copy Kim Kardashian’s latest workout.

They might turn to Miley Cyrus for diet tips instead of talking to a dietician!

By using horrible advice from celebrities they are assured of achieving very little during workouts and will struggle to lose weight.

#4 – They are constantly trying new diets

Switching from diet to diet is a common habit amongst people who hate working out.

They have tried every whacky diet under the sun in an effort to lose weight.

Unfortunately, many of these diets dramatically cut the number of calories they are consuming.

This dramatic reduction in caloric intake makes it difficult for them to stick with an exercise plan.

The shortage of calories makes them feel weak and tired when exercising – a truly miserable experience!

Instead, they could be eating a balanced diet with a strong focus on fresh fruit and vegetables.

This would give them plenty of energy when starting a new workout program.

#5 – They workout until they are exhausted

Exercise-haters usually struggle to workout at a reasonable pace.

Even if they are performing their first workout for 6 months, they will exercise at a very high intensity.

They often feel sick at the end of the workout and are forced to spend the next few days recovering!

Instead, they should ease into their exercise program, gradually increasing the intensity of the workouts as they become fitter.

#6 – They spend a lot of money on gadgets

Purchasing the latest fitness gadget really makes you feel like you are on the way to becoming fit.

Unfortunately, when the Ab-blaster 2000 turns up, it is usually a disappointment.

It gets used for a couple of weeks then is thrown into the garage, next to the shake weight.

Relying on ineffective fitness gadgets can make working out a very miserable experience!

A better solution is to use tried-and-tested exercises like lifting weights, riding a bike, going for a run and body weight exercises.

#7 – They are hyper-critical about their own body

People who hate exercising tend to be hyper-critical about their own body.

They are usually concerned about fat under their thighs or on another part of their body.

By focussing on their perceived imperfections, they hurt their self esteem and struggle to find the courage to workout in public.

Going to the gym is an ordeal because they are constantly thinking negative thoughts relating to how they look.

A better option is to embrace your body and enjoy it. Ignore any perceived imperfections and have fun during your workout.

We hope you enjoyed The 7 Best Ways to Make Exercise a Miserable Experience.

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Stephen Coleclough
Stephen Coleclough

Stephen Coleclough is a personal trainer and online fitness/nutrition coach from the UK. He loves heavy squats, smashing PRs and bacon sandwiches. You can follow him on Twitter at ColecloughPT.

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