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5 Easy Tips For Weight Loss

5 Easy Tips For Weight Loss

There are not many challenges as big as shedding extra weight.

If you are lucky enough, a few workout sessions and a couple of days away from fatty foods may help you burn extra calories.

However, for most people it requires unwavering patience and intense workouts to see some real results for weight loss.

If you are planning to shed those extra pounds then these expert tips will surely be of help to you.

1) Never skip a meal

Yes that’s true!

People usually have this misperception that by not eating at all they will lose weight fast.

Taking long breaks in between meals or not eating at all will slow down your metabolism or may tempt you to binge eat later in the day thus making your weight loss efforts futile.

Just think about it – you decided to skip lunch and breakfast but devoured a whole turkey at dinner.

What good will that do to your health and weight?

Make it a routine to take three full meals – but avoid eating starchy and fatty foods.

2) Make water your new best friend

That’s a fact!

In order to release your body of surplus sodium you need to drink lots of water.

This also includes eating foods that have a high content of water.

It’s advisable to eat fruits and vegetables such as asparagus, pineapples, cucumbers, grapes and celery.

These fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibre and contain high levels of water will make you feel fuller controlling those hunger urges.

3) Walk or exercise

It is always easier to go for a walk when the weather is nice.

The soft evening breeze not only revitalises your senses but always make it enjoyable to take long strolls in the park.

Also, including cardio exercises such as swimming, cycling or jogging in your daily routine especially in the morning also help to reduce weight quickly.

4) Don’t compromise on sleep

Depriving yourself of sleep may result in weight gain.

That’s not because you may be roused by late night snacking (although this can also be the case) but there is research that shows if you sleep for less than seven hours (preferred sleeping time) then your metabolism will become slow.

Also if you stay awake for a longer time at night then you will naturally feel hungry and will be tempted to munch on snacks like chips or biscuits.

So to shed those extra pounds take the desired amount of night sleep.

5) Say no to sweet beverages

We are usually not convinced that liquids have the potential to increase weight the same way as solid foods do.

Drinking a frothy caramel latte or juice will not satiate your hunger the way a meal of sautéed protein rich chicken and vegetables would do.

Therefore, keep on monitoring your soda, juice and coffee intake.

If you consume any beverage mentioned above during the day, there is a very high probability of your body gaining eight hundred extra calories by night time.

Stephen Coleclough
Stephen Coleclough

Stephen Coleclough is a personal trainer and online fitness/nutrition coach from the UK. He loves heavy squats, smashing PRs and bacon sandwiches. You can follow him on Twitter at ColecloughPT.

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